Mail from Andus
Mail from Andus
Kalimera Mike,
thanks for forwarding the Coca Cola/Mentos warning. I did not knew about that danger. Quite impressive. But I think that I am not to much in danger as I prefer some real stuff (Beer, Wine, Raki, Ouzo ..) which might be healthy as well. 😉
Hope you and Zoe are fine as well as the other friends from Nomad. We all miss you very much and we are still talking a lot about you and the nice energy you brought to ‘your old Cappadocia’ and our little Fairy Chimney Inn in Goreme.
In the meantime I continued to have EAS problems with my old Range Rover and just ordered a coil spring conversion kit to replace this comfortable but fragile system. ( I just ordered it and had to pay twice the amount to Turkish customs ;-( but I hope to receive it the next days so I can hopefully get rid of this problem forever. I should have consulted Mike Miskis on that but I remember that he mentioned this option once you came back from your Iran trip.
Over here in Turkey I do have serious problems with the government who does not want to extend my work visa dispite the fact that I am living here for such a long time with my Turkish wife and investing in a little company. I am now fighting the windmills like Don Quixote and I started a court case against the government. They argue that we are not of any profit for Turkish economy and the development of tourism, so I am pretty much confused. Hopefully things work out within times.
We had lovely snow two weeks ago or so and you can see some quick taken images at: Maybe you’ll remember some cones…
I hope to see you again with some friends from Nomad one day and Gulcan, Unal an I send you and your friends all best wishes from Kαππαδοκία!

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  1. Παναγιώτης says:

    We are very sad to hear your problems with the goverment. It sounds wrong and unfair. You are not of any profit for Turkish economy and the development of tourism? What can we say?
    Our best wishes to all of you. Be strong!

    Panagiotis – Vicky

  2. Mike Miskis says:

    My friend Andus, good luck with the goverment…. It sounds out of logic!!!

    As far as the conversion to coils for your Range Rover, i’m sure this is the best thing you could do from the first place.
    It will be much stronger, and it will not get less comfortable either…

  3. Musashi says:

    Dear Mike and other Nomad friends,

    thank you very much for your moral support and even putting me and my problems on your website. The thing with my business engagement in Turkey must be boring for you, but unfortunately my problems are real and absurd. As you know I am not only working in Turkey since yesterday and twice the government agreed to extend my work permit which is based on my investions as a (German) EU citizen trying to build cultural bridges towards a better understanding between our countries. So I agree it’s not logic at all and very paradox. But I think it has much to do with big EU-politics and Turkey seems to go through a stage of frustration in that sense and next to it’s maybe also a reaction of this new obvious government in this mostly islamic country knowing about the recent secure majority. So there is no wonder I am again listening to the good old Bob Marley song: Get up stand up….. and there is no doubt that I will not give up the fight ;-)…

    Concerning my old P38 Diesel Range Rover I finished the conversion to coil springs and even it feels like driving an other car I am happy not to be dependent on this ‘Test-Book’ computer in Ankara to reboot the EAS. I went for a tough ride today and I am quite impressed about the performance which as Mike Miskis mentioned, seems to be even stronger than before. Thank you Mike for that advice which I remember very well from your last visit and which made my decision much easier :-))

    We now have to repair quite a lot of winter damage caused by that hard winter but Gulcan and I am already thinking when we can visit you in Greece. But first we will have a full house over Easter, mostly from guest from the UK based on the Ex Monty Python Michael Palin, who mentioned us so nicely in his ‘New Europe’ BBC production and best selling book .

    Best greetings and warm wishes also from Gulcan and Unal to all of you,


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