…about our spring 06 visit to Kerkini lake

Ionut, Zina & Johny, everything is set up for your visit.
You will arrive in Greece at the 20th of April.
Village Kerkini is one hour drive from the Greek-Bulgarian “Kulata” border.
Once entering Bulgaria from Romania, in Ruse, you will drive to Sofia, then to Blagoevgrad and to Kulata. From there you will drive towards Kilkis and you will find the signs to Kerkini on your way.
We will meet there, and stay in the area for five days, so your departure will be at the 25th.
You will stay in a studio that sleeps two couples, in seperate bedrooms, in a small and cosy guesthouse inside the village. We are all going to stay in that same guesthouse. I will let you know the exact price a.s.a.p.
The area is not typical Greek (for that you’ll have to wait until your next visit), but has a caracter of it’s own. You will find great photographing interest, so bring your gear!!
As far as off-roading is conserned, the terrain varies from swampy mud and water crossings to gentle hillclimps, but we’re not going to push it hard (we’will not bring the competition car). We will focus on enjoying the beautyfull countryside, and we’ll have the chance to do some river canoeing.
Bring light clothing, waterproof footwear, and some winterjacket also, just in case. Also don’t forget to bring suncream, for the morning hours in the lake.
You don’t have to bring any extra gear, just yourselves!!
For any details you can contact me, or Michalis, who made the reservations.

Looking forward to see you
Mike Miskis

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  1. ionut says:

    see you there


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