…about our Transylvanian journey

Do you think that crossing the Transfagarasan in early January will be realistic to plan, or the snow will be too much??
We’d like to do it, to go from Curtea de Agres to Sighisoara.
All team members and the vehicles will be suitably prepared.
What plans do you and Zina have for that period??

Looking forward to hear from you…
Mike Miskis

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  1. Musashi says:

    Mike I know that the way from Curtea de Agres to Sighisoara through Muntii Fagarasului is closed in wintertime.

    Mike Mour

  2. Mike Miskis says:

    Mike, you’re right.
    That’s why i’d like to now Ionut’s opinion.
    Has anyone ever done it in the winter??
    The scenery there is fantastic, it would be a real challenge, and it is by far the sortest way to connect these two destinations…

  3. ionic says:

    Unfortunately it’s not possible in the winter, not even in the spring time.
    The road it’s open only in the summer, between may and september.
    I know lots of beautyful roads near Sighisoara, it’ s my favorite area. You can go from Bucharest to Sibiu to Sighisoara and Brasov and back to Bucharest. You can spend 1 week between Sibiu and brasov, visiting 800 years old villages and going offroad between them.
    I have some gps tracks of the region, if you need it. And maybe i will come with you.


  4. Mike Miskis says:

    Ionut, thanks for the reply!!
    It sounds great, and it will be really nice if you come with us.
    Our plan is to be in Bucharest in December 31st and begin our journey back in January 7th.
    Let us know your plans!!

  5. ionic says:

    do you have a hotel reservation for dec. 31st?
    I can find you a hotel in town and on 1st of january we can go to sighisoara area. I must make a reservation there because it’ full season.
    how many people are coming, how many cars?

  6. Mike Miskis says:

    making a reservation is a good idea. There will be 10 people and 4 vehicles maximum.
    I will be able to tell you the exact numbers in December 1st.
    I hope it’s not too late for making a reservation.

    We’re really glad that you’ll be with us!!

  7. ionic says:

    I think we will stay a couple of days in this village
    from here we can visit the whole region sibiu-sighisoara.
    on january th 1st we can stay in Sibiu on 2,3 in Biertan and for the rest we will see…

  8. Mike Miskis says:

    Sounds great!!..
    I’ll call you as soon as i know the exact number of people that will take part

  9. ionic says:

    i can recomend you a very nice hotel in the center of the city
    the double room will be 70 euro/night.
    tell me if it’s ok for you.

  10. Mike Miskis says:

    Ionut, we’re ok with that.
    Please make the reservation for us.
    Around December 8th i will post you the list & names of who is taking part.

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