May all your days be so shiny, Zina!!

In Malancrav, Trasnylvania, our friends Ionut and Zina stood in the starting point off life’s greatest trophy: Life itself.

Στο χωριό Malancrav στην Τρανσυλβανία, τα φιλαράκια μας “πήραν εκκίνηση” με κουμπάρο και παπά!!



All the best from all of us, we don’t know how to say it in Romanian, but in Greece we wish “βίον ανθόσπαρτον!!”, wich means “may your life be full of flowers!!”


9 Comments to “…godspeed!!!”:
  1. Musashi says:

    All the best my friends!
    We wish you more better days. (Zina you’re shining)

    Mike- Zoi

  2. Iakovos says:

    Our best wishes for your marriage.

    We wish you much happiness to your new endeavors…

    Eleana – Iakovos

  3. Παναγιώτης says:

    Congratulations! We wish you happiness and longlivity…

    Panagiotis – Vicky

  4. Q says:

    Dear Ionut and Zina. Malancrav was the best choice for your wedding. I wish you all the best.


  5. vlassis says:

    …and they lived happily ever after.

    Vlassis- Alexandra-Nikolas-Tatiana

  6. stelios says:

    Congratulations! Have a happy life and all the best!

  7. Νίκος says:

    My friends’ friends are also my friends! I wish you both happines from my heart!

  8. Mike Miskis says:

    Long “honeymoon” i see…. Lucky you!!

    Is it “Greek Islands” or what?

  9. ionut says:

    Thank you all for your wishes!
    We missed you there. Maybe next time, says Zina :-)))
    Unfortunately we are back to work so the Greek honeymoon will have to wait.

    Ionut & Zina

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