Invitation from Ionut to CARPAT TROPHY JUBILEUM

PO Box 13-119,Bucharest /Romania
tel: + 40 21 405 60 10
fax: + 40 21 450 10 95

Invitation to Carpat Trophy Adventure Challenger 2005 (10-Th edition)
Carpat Trophy Adventure Challenger 2005 – the 10 Th edition of 4×4
euroadventure – will take place, its well-known manner/style/way, in June
5-10 2005, on the route Oared – Alba Iulia.
Competitors will fight again with Apuseni labyrinth and with unforeseeable
sharpness of the climate and mountain relief, with unavoidable weaknesses
of vehicles, of body or other sportsmen.
A classic complex competition, in which you have opportunity to test the
equipment and your skills not only in a various conditions, but also in
the presence of the most valuable off-roaders of the moment.
Participation will take place in an establish formula of 2 vehicles/teams.
We invite you to participate at this jubilee edition and to promote with
your value the development sportive level of competition.

Contact : Mircea PIRLOG
( / 0722-560 622)
tel/fax : +40 21 450 10 95
mobil: +40 722 560 622

(confirmation of your intentions and decisions in a short time are
goodwill acts which influence major quality of organization)

2 Comments to “Invitation from Ionut to CARPAT TROPHY JUBILEUM”:
  1. Mike Miskis says:

    We’ll do our best to be there, i hope that we’ll find a sponsor to back us up on that

  2. Ionut Macri says:

    for me it will be the first time in that competition.
    it’s a trophy style competiton wich means that the navigation skills will be more important than the speed of the winch.
    and the landscape is absolutely fantastic in that region!

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