Oh God, there’s a Champion on my tail…

We are pleased to anounce our good friends, Ionut and Zina, as our team mates in Evros Trophy 2007.

Οι φίλοι μας Ionut και Zina θα είναι το “ζευγάρι” μας στο Evros Trophy 2007.


Mike Miskis

11 Comments to “Oh God, there’s a Champion on my tail…”:
  1. Ζωή says:

    Very Good News !!!!!!!

  2. Παναγιώτης says:

    Ionut and Zina we are looking forward to see you in Evros!

    Panagiotis & Vicky

  3. Ιάκωβος says:

    That is extremely good news for two reasons
    Firstly because Ionut and Zina from what i heard are good friends
    and then, being Champions, i bet they drive LR…!!!

    So, way to go guys, and good luck!

  4. Mike Miskis says:

    You “bet” they drive Land Rover?? You…you…

  5. ionut says:

    Dear friends, we can’t wait to see you all again! and to put to work the old rusty lr

  6. ionut says:

    Big kiss for everybody! and Happy Easters! Zina, Ionut and Johnny

  7. Mike Miskis says:

    Ionut, Zina, Johnny, happy Easter from all of us, too! See you in…21 days.

  8. Musashi says:

    Δεν δείχνει τίποτε το Site!

  9. Mike Miskis says:

    Σου έχω στείλει τη διεύθυνση στο κινητό σου.

  10. Παναγιώτης says:

    Τώρα το link δουλεύει…

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