Regulation and programm of the Evros Adventure Trophy 2006

Regulation & programm

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    Evros adventure trophy 2006


    Beginning of Registrations, Thursday 1 December 2005
    Expiry of Registrations, Saturday of 19 March 2006.
    Control of Verification and distribution of race car plates, Thursday of 23 March from 19:00 until 08:00 Friday 24 march in Dadia’s Ecotouristic Centre.
    Announcement of Table Commencing, Friday of 24 March in the secretariat in Dadia’s Ecotouristic Centre at 08:30.
    Briefing will be on Friday of 24 March in Dadia’s Ecotouristic Centre at 09:00.
    Announcement of Provisional results: one hour afterwards the finish of last competitor
    Announcement of Final results: one hour after the announcement of provisional results.
    Price giving: Hotel THERAPION one hour after the announcement of results.

    The race secretariat will function: Thursday 10 March 2006 in KONSTANTINOUPOLIS 31 str., tel: +302552027300, Fax: +302552027304, mob: +306976867671, +306947077232.
    At the duration of race the Secretariat will function… (It will be
    announced with Bulletin of information). Participants should be in contact with the secretariat in order they receive the Bulletins of Information.
    Obligatory briefing of participants (briefing)
    The Clerk of the race is compelled to call the participants in a meeting before the start of the race. The presence of at least one member from each crew is obligatory. In opposite case, the stewards (that is compelled asks the presences in this meeting) they will impose high pecuniary fines.

    Up to the day of Technical Control, official table will be and announcements at the website of the organizing Club at the duration of race at the Secretariat.

    Evros off road club organizes the Trophy «EVROS ADVENTURE TROPHY 2006», which will be carried out in Evros on 24-25-26 march 2006 according to:
    – The provisions of present General Regulation.
    – The provisions of National Athletic Code, his annexes and the additional circulars of National Sporting Committee (ET.E.A.)
    – The provisions of Additional Regulation.
    Note: The additional regulation beings always in previous approval of ET.E.A. and in combination with the general regulation (which also it supplements), it constitutes the regulation of race. It should it is submitted for approval 2 months before the date of conduct of race. In case where the additional regulation modifies general, with his submission to approval, it is required is submitted also accompanying letter in which are reported of course the articles that are modified and the reason for which is requested their modification.

    Chairman RAPTIS Dimitrios
    Members Tsiokos Dimos, Vlasakidis Philip.
    Panel of the Stewards
    President TBA Milas Panagiotis
    Umpire APOSTOLIDIS Alex


    Administrative Checks
    Scrutinizing Tsiokos Dimos
    Results Steward Sivrides Sideris
    Road Marshals

    The ELPA, the organizing Club, the Organizational Committee as well as the drivers of race do not bear any responsibility against third for by any accident that may occur for the duration of race. The civil responsibility burdens the insurance company with which has been contracted contract for cover of dangers from these activities.

    2.1 A Trophy event takes place during two or even three days and concerns teams of two cars in difficult sections off-road.
    2.2.1 LEG: Each department of race that is separated from next after period of rest of at least half hour.
    2. 2 2.MAXIMUM ALLOWED TIME: is the longest time that each crew has in his disposal for the completion of each leg, or E.D. the race. By any chance overshooting of maximum allowed time involves a penalty that is predetermined by the additional regulation.
    2.2.3 INFORMATION BULLETIN: Official bulletin of information that constitutes part of Additional Regulation and that are used in order to modify, supplement or clarify.
    2.2.4 ET.E.A.: National Committee of Races. Is the National Sporting Authority for the land mechanically driven sports.
    2.2.5 EXCLUSION: the Stewards for serious infringement of regulations decide a sentence of exclusion from the race. This sentence can be forecasted from the Regulation on specified infringement or be imposed from stewards in the exercise of their powers.
    2.2.6 PRESCRIBED PENALTY: It is sentence of points that is imposed to the competitor and that is prescribed for special cases that are reported in the Additional Regulation of race.

    3.1 It is two or three day’s race in which 4-wheel drive cars can participate, in teams of two. The main part of the route develops in gnarled roads, while there Special Sections also exist in specified parts of the route. The Special Sections take place in natural terrain, without human intervention. The route of the race consists mainly of Road Sections, while on average are carried out 3 Special Sections off-road per day, with the length of each one separately measuring from 300 up to 10.000 meters.

    The teams are required to cover the total distance of the race, which includes certain parts of exceptional difficulty without the help of any exterior factor, only that with the use of equipment that are carried by them onboard their vehicles. The competing cars should cover each Special Stage, within the allotted time as fixed by the organizer from the time control Post of Starting line up to the time control Post of Finish. If a team or a car does not reach in the time control Post of Finish, then it takes the penalty of bypass. If the time control Post of Finish it is reaches by one of the two cars, it is considered that the team has passed the obstacle and is imposed the proportional penalty for abandonment of car. Also for the competitors the minutes of time taken is considered time of implementation and take points according to article 9 of present regulation. For each infringement of above the penalty is imposed as described in article 10 of present regulation.

    The classification of the competing teams will be done based on the time taken by them to cover the race sections. The average speed will not exceed 35 km/hour. The team that will complete in the shorter time will be the winning team. The handing-over of rewards will take place at the end of race.

    3.2 The race is addressed to amateur drivers, which have a driver’s license for at least one year prior to the race. Participating should obligatorily race in teams constituted from two (2) vehicles. Each vehicle should have strictly a two-member crew, driver and co-driver (navigator).

    4.1In the Trophy acceptable are cars that have official authorization of circulation (license plates), insurance, motive power driven to the 4 wheels permanently or selectively, with a maximum allowed curb weight of 3,5 tons. All the cars should conform to the Code of Road Circulation and fulfil the following safety regulations:
    4.1.1 Cars of closed type without an obligatory roll
    bar or roll cage. In cars of open type (with canvas roof) a roll bar is obligatory or an arch of protection for the crew acceptable from the manufacturer.
    4.1.2 Cars must be equipped with at least two approved safety belts of three or more mounting points for driver and co-driver.
    4.1.3 Cars must be equipped with a fire extinguisher off fire fighting material AFFF or powder dust, total capacity of at least two kilos. The fire extinguisher should be fixed securely and be accessible from at least one member of the crew.
    4.1.4 Cars must be equipped with a first aid box as required by the Code of Road Circulation.
    4.1.5 Both cars must be equipped with a winch, electrically or hydraulically activated, in permanent or removable base. The winch should be fixed on the cars for the duration of the race.
    4.1.6 Cars must be equipped with a compass.
    4.1.7 Cars must be equipped with at least one safety blanket for the wire of the winch.
    4.1.8 Cars must be equipped with a strap of two meters in length to rap around tree trunks. This is to avoid the wounding of the tree, in addition a belt of length of 5 meters or more, minimal resistance of 3 tons, for towing.
    4.2 Tyres
    Tyres should be production models. Changes of characteristics of the tyres are allowed. It is not allowed to use tyres with cutting out type “V”, as well as the use of any tyres with the labelling “for agricultural use”.
    the use of mobile telephone and the use of CB – VHF is allowed
    The cars are not classified in categories. They all compete in the same category, as teams.
    4.5 recommended but no obligatory equipment can be as follow:
    4.5.1 Mud terrain tyres
    4.5.2 Chains
    4.5.3 Snatch block – Shackles
    4.5.4 Spade – Axe
    4.5.5 High Lift – Air Jack
    4.5.6 Anchor – Sand Ladders and any other equipment that facilitates the off-road movement.

    The organization committee has the right to deny the registration of
    any competitor without being compelled to justify the reasons
    of refusal, according to the Article 74 of International Sporting Code. However according to article of III General Regulations owes to communicate to the National Sporting committee for the reasons of denial registration.

    Eligible for participation is:
    5.1 Any individual that has a valid driving license that is not under any sentence imposed by the responsible disciplinary bodies of ET.E.A in addition a racing license is required. The organizer for the particular race can issue racing license.
    5.2 If as entrant a legal entity is declared provided that he does not ride on board the car, each of his obligations burdens absolutely, interdependently and indivisibly the driver that has been declared in the statement of participation. In this case the entrant participating should possess an entrants racing license.
    5.3 Participating should make up teams constituted from two vehicles. On each competing car only the driver and co-driver may ride, and they should have a driving license for at least one year.

    6.1 Whoever wants to participate to the race should provide a statement of participation in the printed form supplied by the organizer. The statement should include the complete name of driver, the number racing license, the number of driving license of driver and co-driver the characteristics of car and the number of circulation license plate. Statements of participation will be accepted at the latest up to Saturday of 19 March 2006
    6.2 The signature of statement of participation means automatically that the competitor accepts unconditionally the present regulation, additional regulation and it admits that procedures established from the National Sporting Regulation are exclusively in effect for each subject that concerns the race.
    6.3 The Organizing Committee has the right, with the accordant opinion of ET.E.A, to deny the registration of anyone, explaining the reasons of her refusal (Article 74 EAK).
    6.4 The maximum number of participations that will become acceptable is reported in the Additional Regulation.
    6.5 For whatever is not foreseen in this present regulation the Stewards decision is final.

    7.1 Competitors are compelled to obey to the directions and
    the commands of organizers and stewards for the duration the race. The special regulation of the race will be presented at the scrutinizing of the race. If a competitor decides to abandon the race he should inform the organizers – Stewards as soon as possible and by any means available. If a vehicle is moving faster than another, then the slower vehicle is compelled to allow the faster to overtake whenever and as soon as the road conditions allow. Competitors should obey to the directions and commands that
    they are announced at the duration the race in special circumstances. Competitors are not allowed to consume alcohol for the duration of the race.
    7.2 Competitors should, apply the international rules of safety at the duration of use of winches which are included in the books.
    7.2.1 Creation and evacuation of region of safety area for the spectators at the duration of use of winch.
    7.2.2 The use of safety belt when the winch is tied to a tree. Not using a belt to tie to a tree and the direct tying of wipe rope on a tree, it amounts with sentence 20 minutes to the team.
    7.2.3 Keeping a safety distance from the wipe rope at the duration of use of winch.
    7.2.4 Placement of special safety blanket on the wipe rope at the duration of use of winch.
    7.2.5 The organizers reserve the right to decide on the solution of
    problems which may arise at the duration of race and they are not included in the special regulation.
    7.3 It is allowed for a team to assist another team especially in the case of accident or danger, or clearing the road for traffic.
    7.4 The organizers can punish a team if it stops without reason at the duration of race.
    7.5 For the whole duration of the race competitors should observe
    the provisions of Code of Road Circulation
    7.6 Competitors that they will meet other racing car stopped from damage or other causes they owe to inform immediately the Clerk of the course via the Stewards of Organization that are found along the way.
    7.7 In order to achieved right lever of “race safety” competitors that abandons the race due to technical problems or any other reason they are compelled to inform immediately the Organization by any possible means of communication (telephone, radio, and other competitors) and to deliver their timing card to authorized member of Organization.

    ARTICLE 8: STATIONS OF CONTROL OF TIME (time control Post) check points CP
    8.1 Each crew is supplied at the departure with a timing card and control of passage, which is recorded by the competent steward in the corresponding stations.
    8.2 The two cars of each team have the same time of departure.
    8.3 The crew is responsible for the entries in their time card
    and the prescribed penalties will be imposed in case of lack of seal or registration entry.
    8.4 The stations of control of time (time control Post) are pointed out with the plates that are determined by General Regulation 4X4: Yellow with clock is warning and Red with clock is obligatory.
    8.5 The stations of Check Points (CP) are pointed out with the plates that are determined by General Regulation 4X4. They are concealed and are not marked in road book.

    9.1 As time of performance of each Special stage is considered the
    time from the entry of first car of a team in Special stage, until the moment that also the two cars of team will have come out
    from the Special Stage. The time will be measured with hand held chronometers and precision of one second.
    9.2 The steward of starting line counts down the 5 last seconds that
    signal the entry of first car in Special. The second car is compelled to enter in the Special Stage in the next 60 seconds. If it cannot make it is considered that it has bypassed Special Stage,
    9.3 If one or even two cars of team abandon in Special, the team is debited with the points of bypass of Special Stage (paragraph 9.6).

    9.4 The entry of each team in special stage will start at the decision of the organization.
    9.5 For each special will exist specified maximum time of performance, who will be also reported in road book. If the team exceeds this time it is considered that it abandoned special stage and it is debited with the points of bypass (paragraph 9.6).
    9.6 If a team does not accomplish to complete special stage, while both cars have started, it is debited with the greatest time that was taken by other teams in special stage, multiplied by 1,5 (If no one from its two cars finish the Stage).
    9.7 If a team accomplishes to complete special stage, while only one of its cars has begun the stage, it is debited with the time that the car that completed the special stage multiplied by 2,5.
    9.8 If a team bypasses a special stage it is debited with the largest recorded time by other teams multiplied by 3.
    9.9 Some of the special and the simple stages are marked with stakes that define the limits which it is supposed that the cars pass through. Failure to pass through the stakes involves sentence of exclusion.
    9.10 If a team wants to bypass a special stage, as time of departure for the next road section is considered the time of arrival in the time control Post of Finish of special Stage that it bypasses. Each team has a time of 20 minutes to reach from the time control Post of Starting line in the time control Post of Finish. In all the special sections exists a bypass route that is defined with additional road book that is given by the time control Post of Starting line of special stage.
    9.11 By the moment where a team will be called up to enter in the special Stage and up to the starting line of special Stage is given a time of 5 minutes for the preparation of crews for the Special Stage. The crews should be by their cars at least from the moment when the previous team has begun the Special Stage The crews should present themselves in the starting line in the cars, wearing helmets and safety belts. In opposite case departure is postponed for 3 minutes and the team is imposed penalty 10 minutes
    9.12 As order of departure of Special Stage is fixed the order of arrival of teams in the time control Post of Starting line. Inability of a crew to observe this will bring a penalty of 10 minutes for each and every time they give up their turn to enter the special stage. This sentence is added in the total time of delay.
    9.13 Reconnaissance of Special Stage from the crews is allowed if that is possible. This can be done only on foot and in the time that they have in their disposal. There is no extra time given for the recognition.
    9.13.1 Is not allowed to place belts, points of mooring and any other material during the recognition.
    9.13.2 Is not allowed the configuration of Special Stage at the recognition.
    9.13.3 Is not allowed the observation of effort of other crews at the recognition. Infringement more involves sentence of exclusion from the Special Stage (paragraph 9.8).
    9.14 The crew has the right to come out the car at the duration of Special Stage. It is not allowed however to move the car without a member of the crew aboard the car, on sentence of exclusion from the race.
    9.15 Afterwards the end of Special Stage the cars should be driven to the time control Post of finish, where time of departure is given to them for the next part of the race.
    9.16 The space and the time within the time control Post of Starting line and in the Starting line and within the Finish and in the time control Post of Finish of each Special Stage is space of supervised area, and repairs ARE NOT ALLOWED there.
    9.17 Repairs are allowed in all the sections of the race, except the spaces of supervised areas and the Special Sections.
    9.18 Repairs can be made in the Special Sections, with the condition that they will made only by the members of team, with the tools and the parts that they carry with them on the cars and within the maximum allowed time of performance of special. After expiry of this time it is considered that it abandoned the Special Stage (paragraph 9.6)

    10.1 The team can continue the race even if one of its two cars abandons. In this case and for the rest of leg the penalty of team will equal with the penalty that the car that continues receives, adding to that the worst performances in each one of the next pieces of leg.
    10.2 If in a leg both cars of team abandon, the team is debited with the penalty points it has up to the moment of abandonment, plus the worst performances in each one of the next pieces of leg, multiplied by two. Worst performances are considered the performances of teams that have accomplished to complete the special sections.
    10.3 In order for article 10 to apply, the team must have started with both its two cars at least one Special stage in the leg for which will be these will be applied.
    10.4 For a team to be classified it must have started at least the 60% of special sections that are included in the road sections which it has completed.
    The team begins the race and takes 1000 points in first special stage. Immediately afterwards one of its cars abandons and the second takes 600 points in next special, where the worst performance is 1300 points and afterwards it abandons as well. In the next time control Post the worst performance takes 1000 penalty points. In third special the worst performance takes 2500 penalty points and in the next time control Post the worst performance takes 1200 penalty points.
    Our team receives:
    1000 + 600 + 1300.1000 x 2 + 2500 x 2 + 1200 x 2 = 12300 penalty points and are classified according to them if it accomplishes to reach the finish of leg.

    11.1 The fees of participation are determined with circular of ET.E.A..
    11.2 The application of participation does not become acceptable if the fee of participation does not accompany it.
    11.3 In the fee of participation is included also the insurance of competitor for civil responsibility against third person. This insurance is in effect from the moment of departure, it ceases to be in effect with the expiry of submission of objections or the expiry of the race or the abandonment of race or the exclusion of the competitor.
    11.4 The fee of participation is returned in the case of:
    a. The statement of participation does not become acceptable.
    b. The race is cancelled.

    12.1 The Clerk of the Course is charged for the application of present regulation and his provisions for the duration of the race. Nevertheless, for each important decision that it is necessary for him to take concerning the interpretation of the general or additional regulation of race he should informs the race Judges.
    12.2 Each objection on the application of regulation will be transmitted to examination and decision by the race Judges (articles 171 and following EAK).
    12.3.In each case where it is not foreseen by this regulation will be examined by the judges and they alone have the right to decide (article 141 EAK).
    12.4 In case of contestation of interpretation of his current present regulation sole responsible to decide is the ET.E.A..

    13.1 The judges, according to articles 66 and the 141 EAK have the right with their decision, to modify the provisions of additional regulation depending on the conditions and the circumstances that will be presented with the provision that, with care of organization, to inform in time for these modifications all those that have declared participation.
    13.2 Each relative modification or additional provision will be announced with numbered and dated bulletins of information that will constitute integral part of additional regulation. The bulletins will be posted in the Secretariat and in the announcement board of race. Also they will be communicated, as soon as possible, directly to the competitors, who will certify their receipt with signing, unless this is impossible due to the development of the race.

    14.1 The Organizer will determine finally the order of departure.
    14.2 The Organization will provide each driver with a set of two lateral numbers of participation that will include the name of race, the number of participation, the name of organizer and/ his sponsors.
    14.3 The numbers of participation should be placed in the two front doors of the car and remain there for all the duration of race.
    14.4 The departure will be given in time intervals of 3 minutes beginning with the team that has numbers 1 and 2 and with the order that will be determined after a draw that will be take place after the expiry of deadline of statements of participation.

    It is allowed to competitors to place freely on in their cars any advertising with the following terms:
    15.1 Its content it does not clash with the Laws of Greek State and with the provisions of ET.E.A
    15.2 It does not offend the moral principles and customs.
    15.3 It does not cover the places that are intended for the plates of numbers of participation.
    15.4 It does not prevent the visibility through all the windows. (It is allowed a placement of advertising film up to 10 cm in width on the top part of front windscreen and up to 8 cm in the top part of rear window).
    15.5 It is not of political or religious character.
    15.6 The placement of advertising of sponsors of organization will be done on part of the car that will be described by the organization, or by the organization itself on the competing cars.

    16.1 All participants should be presented with their cars in the area of control of verification as the official program of race defines it.
    16.2 Not participation in the area of control of verification and not presenting the car in the commissioned Technical Steward involves an exclusion from the race and forfeiture of fee of participation. Up to the end of Control of Verification a competitor may replace the declared car with other.
    16.3 The driver owes to present his driving license, the racing license or provisional for the TROPHY and the license of circulation of the car (Log book).

    17.1 For the smooth and sure conduct of the race it is obligatorily for competitors that should they observe the provisions of present regulation and they are obey unobjectionably with the directives, indications and commands of the Clerk of the Course, the Judges, and the Stewards of the race.
    17.2 For their safety competitors should obligatorily wear a protective helmet of approved type. Still it should obligatorily they wear approved safety belts of 3 at least points and they have the prescribed in the General Trials Regulation, fire extinguisher.
    It is prohibited to have loose objects or tools in the car. In case of not compliance they will not be allowed to start the race.

    The right of participation is fixed in 50 Euros for each person.

    Each competitor or participant resigns the right of resort against the Athletic Authority, the Organizers, their Representatives or their commissioned officers, front any arbitration or court or any other process apart from those that are foreseen by the International Athletic Code and the National Racing Regulation, for each damage positive or negative that can be caused from each action or omission of Organizers, their representatives or their officers, at the application of regulations or from any other repercussion that will be created by their energies.

    Only the organizers – judges, will resolve complaints and objections. Results will be announced each day, as soon as possible.
    Each objection must be submitted the latest one hour after the statement of results, in writing and cost 300 Euros.

    21.1 It is obligatory, on penalty of direct exclusion, for the duration of special sections the driver and co-driver that they wear a safety helmet. When the members of the crew are inside car it is essential that they wear safety belts
    21.2 – Each minute delay in the road section corresponds to 60 penalty points.
    21.3 – Each minute of early arrival in a road section corresponds to 120 penalty points.
    21.4 – Maximum delay in time control Posts of road section has a penalty of 30 minutes. (1800 penalty points). Maximum allowed delay in the road section of each leg has a penalty of 1 hour and 30 minutely. (4500 penalty points).
    21.5 – For each team the penalty of road sections will be added in order to come out with the total of penalty points of team.
    21.6 – In the road sections there will be existing check points (CP) not marked in the road book. For each stamp of a CP that will be absent, the team will be debited with 4500 penalty points.
    21.7 – SPECIAL and SIMPLE SECTIONS. Each second corresponds in 1 penalty point.
    21.8 Not conformity with the rules of safety involves exclusion from the race.
    21.9 Cutting down and destruction of trees at the duration of race and special sections involves exclusion from the race.
    21.10 Exterior help from third person, the organization or other team it involves exclusion from the particular Special Stage.
    21.11 Movement of car in road sections without one of the two members of crew in the car involves exclusion from the race.
    21.12 Weakness of departure in the forecasted order: 10 minutely sentence for each team that passes front.

    22.1 The area of departure of – finish it is signalled with labels that they are labelled “START” – “FINISH”.
    22.2 In the area of departure of – finish is prohibited to perform all kinds of repair.

    23.1 The departure in the TROPHY can be delayed only for reasons of superior force.
    23.2 Route. The route of the race will cover total distance… (it will be announced with bulletin of information). The degree of difficulty of race is very high. Navigation will be done with the use of road book that will be given to each vehicle with the start of each daily route. All the obstacles at the duration of way will be 100% natural and without human intervention. In order to cover the route you will need faculties as orientation, resistance, team spirit and driving ability. The route should be followed precisely as it is shown in the road book. The Special Sections should be covered in the shorter time.
    23.3 The special sections and the road sections are timed separately. Potentially there will do existing special sections with a predetermined time to cover them.
    The point of calibration for the Trip Master of the participants should be announced from the organizer with bulletin of information, at least 2 days before the race.
    23.4 The details of the route, the Special Stage and the legs of race they will be announced at the duration of competitors briefing before the departure of race.

    24.1 The Objections should be submitted according to the EAK (Article 171 and following).
    24.2 The Objections are submitted in writing to the Clerk of the Course and they should obligatorily accompany by the fee of objection. The fee of objection is fixed in 300 Euros. The Judges tries the objections. The fee of objection is returned if the objection becomes acceptable.
    24.3 Competitors have the right of appeal according to the EAK (Article 181). The fee for appeal is equal to the triple of fee of participation, it is submitted with the submission of intention of examination of appeal and for the return or no of pecuniary sum it is anticipated, what is reported in the article of 183 EAK.
    24.4 Objections for the conduct of race are submitted until 15 minutes after his expiry.
    24.5 Objections at the results are submitted until 30 minutes after the statement of provisional results.

    25.1 For the final classification the total penalty points that the team has received in all the legs of TROPHY are added.
    25.2 A general classification per teams will be announced.

    The announcement of the final results will take place after the expiry of submission of objections and then the handing-over of rewards will take place. (The place and the time of announcement will be reported in the program or in bulletin of information).

    In the 3 first teams are awarded Cups, for drivers and Co-drivers, provided that 8 teams start the race. If 7 teams start the first two teams will be awarded and if
    6 teams start, then only the first team will be awarded.

    The handing-over of Rewards will take place: 26 March, at the hotel THERAPION at 16.00 If the victors of various rewards do not present themselves in the ceremony of handing-over, they lose the right of receipt of any reward (pecuniary or Cups).

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