Dedicated to the “filaraki” Hassan who is 4ooo km far from us!!




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We would like to thank Hassan Mohit from Aryan tours for his absolute dedication to his job and consider him a friend more then our guide in Iran. We suggest him without hesitation to anybody who wants to travel to Iran in any way!

Gia sou Filaraki!

The Nomad Group

5 Comments to “Dedicated to the “filaraki” Hassan who is 4ooo km far from us!!”:
  1. Musashi says:

    George you cover the 3/4 of the photo!!

  2. Musashi says:

    Filarakia μήν ξεχνάτε ότι υποσχεθήκαμε να δώσουμε κωδικό στον Hassan!!

  3. Musashi says:

    Τα μάτια όλων στην τελευταία φωτογραφία είναι λες και βάλαν το κεφάλι σε σφηκοφωλιά!

  4. Παναγιώτης says:

    Του έχουμε δώσει κωδικό…

  5. Dinos says:

    Συμπαθέστατη η Χασάναινα!… Και ο Χασάν.

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