TRANSSIBIRIEN, 10.000 km από το Βερολίνο στην Βαϊκάλη!

Berlin – Vilnius – Moscow – Siberia – Mongolia – Gobi Desert – Ułan Bator – Irkutsk to the Baikal.

Διάρκεια από 1/8 μέχρι 18/8 μέσα από στέππες , ερήμους, δάση. Ο αγώνας περνάει από μέρη τα οποία είναι αδύνατο να πάει κανείς μόνος του.
















Από τους διοργανωτές:

“The Rallye has a crossing form and will take place according to the rules set out by the Organisers based on their experience and knowledge of both Siberia and Mongolia. The rally passes through areas of incredible extents: thousands of square kilometres of taiga, hundreds of lakes and rivers, deserts, dozens of mountain ranges and passes, deserts and mind boggling open spaces.

The event is open to team crews, both professional and amateur, with cars, motorcycles, trucks and quads. There is no age limit for participants.

There will be numerous accompanying events; we want to achieve an appropriate mixture of motor sports and tourism. Apart from testing the vehicles under extreme conditions, the contestants will have the opportunity to get a glimpse of varying cultures of many nations inhabiting the region and to enjoy the unique landscapes en route.”

Conditions for Participation in the rallye:

  • having an off-road vehicle (since there are difficulties with buying unleaded gasoline in Russia, vehicles with Diesel engines are recommended) with appropriate drivers licence and number plates
  • additional equipment recommended by the Organisers for the automobile, technical inspection of the automobile by the Rallye mechanic
  • medical check-up by the rallye physician,
  • possession of tourist equipment, as recommended by the Rallye Organisers
  • payment of the entry and organisational fees
  • an automobile taking part in the Rallye must be licensed to the driver or the co-driver, or the crew must have a notarised authorisation of the vehicle owner translated into Russian and English by an officially accredited translator,
  • labelling the vehicles only with the logos of the Rallye Organisers and sponsors – any other labels on the automobiles require permission of the Organisers
  • reading and accepting the Rallye Regulations
  • civil liability declaration
  • due to the numerous formalities concerned, the list of participants will be definitely closed on February 28th 2006.

The Organisers of the Transsyberia Rallye provide the participants with:

  • Rallye organisation
  • clothing for the rally participants
  • a trip around Lake Baikal
  • return air tickets for the crews when booked
  • return transport for the automobiles in containers when booked
  • basic medical care
  • immediate technical aid
  • a Rallye participant’s electronic card
  • a synopsis and maps of each leg of the Rallye
  • cups, diplomas, certificates
  • tourist trips on the route and in the breaks in the Rallye,
  • an exclusive catalogue of the tour

Entry and starting fee

The starting fee per person is 1.000 ?. We provide transport for the participants’ car in shipping containers to the EU border (Brest) and two flight tickets back from Irkutsk to either Warsaw, Moscow or Berlin for the price of 2.000 ?
The shipment of trucks by train can be arranged for 4.000 ? for two trucks. Motorcycles may share a container.
Upon registration a down payment of 1.000 ? becomes due until February 28th, 2006. The complete fee has to be paid two months before the start of the rallye.
Please direct your payment to this account, to the purpose „Transsyberia 2006”

Romuald Koperski
IBAN: PL93105017641000002301996464




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